SheWhoIsArt Etsy Store Closed.

The SheWhoIsArt Etsy shop is officially closed (but all art available both here on my website, and Amazon).

Goodbye Etsy. Hello World!

So Etsy and I have semi-lovingly parted ways. For reals. For good.  It's a ocean-breath sigh of relief, and a nail-biting bumclench which lavender, sage tea and many moon meditations are slightly relieving. Art is my only source of income, and Etsy has helped me meet that goal, and for that, I am thankful. But.

I like both being on my own and relationships that are real. I do not like working for corporations where the union between artist and management is distant, aloof and less than transparent. I need connection, and I need real people on my team, both behind the scenes and selling my wares. And that's not criticism of Etsy specifically, just the ever-widening gap between service provider and servicee as a whole.  

I have always had a very specific business model and vision for my art, one that requires more organization and control and over my business. More transparency. More intimacy. Definitely more magic. More "my way", and less involvement in the ambiguous and faceless crafty marketplace that Etsy has become.

So, a thing or two:

  • Beginning May 8th, all SheWhoIsArt is available here on my site, as well as on Amazon
  • Navigation is a cinch: Simply click on , scroll to the art you want, and click on it for purchase options.
  • Every order from now until May 30th receives free gifts. 
  • And because you read this far, coupon code MAGIC for 20 percent off. 

What can you, beloved, expect?

More intimacy.  Frankly, you had to go out of your way to get here, and that melts my butter. I want you happy beyond happy. Satisfied. I want to bejewel and adorn your life with the mystery and wonder of the colors that you are. I want your sheets soaked with the bliss that is my art. I want as much magic in your life as we can cram in it. 

More products - Being able to offer posters and high-end giclees which my studio overseas can ship directly. Moon journals and calendars. Vigils, sanctuaries and seminars. How to be more creative, how to find your secret fire.

Some art classes, too. Win/WIn.

Faster turnaround - Because my studios can ship directly to you (against Etsy policies), and because I now officially have a team, shipping time is cut in half. 

Better Pricing - No middleman, and special discounts of adoration. Because, tribe. Also: MAGIC

More magic - The heartfelt connection of sister to sister. Brother to sister. Sister to brother. We dance circles of fire, and you are never just a credit card number here. 

Because new beginnings are the stepping stones towards the life we most want. 

Embracing them. And you.  

And lastly, thank you so much for being a part of my art and tribe. Were it not for your support, purchases and love, I would not be here. 


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