Revelations, Rituals, (and an oracle update)

I'm rounding the corner to my first deadline of the Divine Feminine oracle that ladylove Meggan Watterson has written.

Side Note: The five most common feelings/thoughts that course through me regarding this opportunity.

  • Pinch me, I'm dreaming
  • OMGoddess, will she like it? (whichever lady I'm working on)
  • I am working for Hay House (feeling of absolute bliss)
  • I am working for Hay House (feeling of complete terror)
  • Manifestation works!! (feeling of simultaneous knowing and incredulity)

Runner up: "I think it needs a moon."

The synchronicities between us are supernal, and I am often caught up in a bliss so giddy that I bubble over with slightly manic laughter, maybe not unlike Scrooge when he experiences his Christmas Day rebirth. Three years ago, I could barely faith (where faith is a verb, as it always is), but held fast to a something that I was calling, whom first called me. During that unfathomable dark night of the soul, where the grief of my Mother dying unexpectedly and soul sister being diagnosed with ALS nearly consumed me, there was a knowing in my heart, but my head was having none of it.  

Every day begins with ritual, which is really just another word for holding sacred space with intent. I light candles and incense, and meditate on the work at hand. I scrawl notes of gratitude and stow them in my gratitude jar. I map out the day in my Desire Map journal, and lay down music appropriate to the avatar or dakini I am working on. 

Most days, Meggan and I pass voice memos to each other, aural notes between these real life soul classes, spontaneous love poems of the Divine. Like younger sisters to these ancient Loves, we channel, we arrange, we fuss and adjust, and pray and obsess over the mudras, robes, colors and halos of holy light. 

It's sacred fire and initiation. And I cannot wait for you to meet them all. 

Hay House has policies about how much of the art we can share prior to publication; What you are looking at here is my rendition of Quan Yin that we didn't use. 

(I love her, and so

am keeping her for my own.)



Quan Yin - SHeWhoIsArt