Titania-Queen of the Faeries

"The rustle of the wind reminds us a Fairy is near."

The Fairy Queen dwells in the liminal,  in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans, but a different dimension of space and time other than our own.  While there is not one singular Queen, but many, they are fierce guardians of their abodes - whether that be a fairy hill, a fairy ring, a special tree , or perhaps a particular loch or wood. 

An etheric being of exceptionally beautiful energy, she is intensely private, and great trouble falls upon any who look upon her without her permission. In this work, she appeared at the edge of liminal vision, otherworldly and reflected in the loch that she protects and adores. Her sidhe are hidden with her, and are everywhere if you know how to look. 

Whenever a fairy queen  appears there is a strange sound like the humming of thousands of bees or a whirlwind, accompanied sometimes by the mad whirring of wings or the tinkling of strange bells. 


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