The White Goddess

"Light will someday split you open.”

― Hāfez

I fell in love with "The White Goddess" via Robert Graves sometime in the early 2000's, because what was always known, beyond all of the names of the Goddesses and their wondrous mythos was that there was a preeminent force, a sacred and divine countenance which was distinctly and divinely feminine in essence; but whose sacred expression was not limited to earthly morals and piety. She was mystery and madness, passion and reverence. She was the philosopher's stone, where "philosopher" reveals her root as "Sophia". It is so often hard to put these understandings into words, but Steiner and Graves have come close (from a spiritually-intellectual perspective). But I am not a man - and my words are brushes and inks and papers, feathers and moss and things that reflect the light. And so, in the end, she is all that I believe in, bound to the moon, sighing into eternity and my prayer to her is this work.

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