The Crones

In the earliest societies that revered the Moon as the Goddess, the third dark phase was personified as the Dark Goddess---wise, mysterious, and compassionate.  In her strength, the Dark Moon Goddess is filled with compassion and understanding.   The Crone is the Sorrowing Mother who dispenses justice with both love and sadness.   The Crone knows the laws must be upheld, but this does not keep Her from feeling sorrow when the verdict appears harsh to us.  Injustice and imbalance, whatever forms, are detested by Her.   We may not understand or see the balancing of life’s scales, but the Crone never rests until those scales are balanced.

She rules over the magickal arts, secret knowledge, and oracles. Her animal totems are those which live below the earth such as snakes, serpents, dragons; bird of the night which are the Owls;  ravens, crows and horses.

To understand the Crone is to understand the deepest Mysteries. The Dark Mother is the ultimate Teacher of the very deepest of spiritual Mysteries. Her Mysteries include the contacting of spirits. It is through Her that we learn  prophesy, seeing clearly backward and forward through time.   If we do not acknowledge the Crone, how can we "remember ourselves."   Through the Dark Mother, and the records of our past lives, we learn the necessity of focusing our energy onto important things such as spiritual growth, living our lives the best we can and seeking the Goddess within.   She does not seek us, we have to seek her. When we have finally reached the Divine center and sit at the Mother’s feet to receive knowledge, the Crone appears and beckons. 

Hidden images are incorporated for the viewer to discover on her own. The original print was created at an astrologically favorable time with magickally appropriate aspects. The art works as a talisman to incorporate her shadow soul energies to awaken the dormant divine feminine within you. It is, in and of itself, a unique and one of a kind work of art which will delight and inspire you for years to come.

Available in the following formats: Posters - Prints - Greeting Cards