She Who Is

"That we know, without knowing that we know."

There is a place where words fail, which is one of the reasons I began creating art. Because where words are representative of concepts and ideas, their root is in power and conveyance, where sentences are linear and require pause, and then waiting for inevitable response or action. 

Images, however, present themselves and require nothing in return, yet everything is given. And it is this spirit which represents the feminine aspect of Spirit - it is a waiting, a listening, an experience, a moving, an infinite resonance that we enter into by mere witness (or as the zen koan notes "You cannot step into the same river twice" because both you and the river are forever changed).

This image then represents the multiplicitous waiting upon the Goddess, but also the Goddess in us waiting. Which are we: Moon or receiver? Goddess or moon? 

The symbolism is intentional - a harvest moon, a starless night, ink of darkness, a naked woman (whether maiden, mother or crone - and yet, all three), horned and her back facing us. A hundred thousand moments through time where the crux of our spirit reached, our ancestresses, abbesses, pythonesses. Reached and waited in co-creative habitation. 

It is to give you power for the journey, or a reminder of who you are, in connection to who we all are within this cosmos, within this eternity. With stories to tell and to hear, infinite with mystery, beyond the things that try to hold us down, fearless, all love and eternal in our pursuit of truth.

May you find and be
everything you are seeking
on this earth
and in all times to come.


Available in the following formats: Posters - Prints - Greeting Cards