Moondancers - Poster Print


Moondancers - Poster Print

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"When I dance, the sun sails safely through the night; When I dance, the future is formed by my feet; When I dance,the stars move through the heavens; When I dance, Venus shimmers the desert; When I dance, dust becomes silver, stones are made of gold!" — Cosi Fabian

The moondancers gather in forests and deserts, beginning their dance beneath the light of the full moon, asking for nothing, attentive only to the hymns of Terpsichore as they wind and undulate to a song only they can hear. Dancing with joy and mystery, they are the keepers of their own lunar journey, and extend to you an invitation to begin your own dance of the moon.

Their influence is subtle, but profound. And they still radiate their gifts from the higher planes, waiting to manifest in those few who have the ears to hear, and the eyes to see. 

Hidden images are incorporated for the viewer to discover on her own. The original print was created at an astrologically favorable time with magickally appropriate aspects. The art works as a talisman to incorporate their benevolent energies to enhance and manifest their charms of charisma and beauty within you.

This listing is for one matte borderless poster print, printed on heavy poster stock. Available in the following sizes 11x17, 16x20, 18x24, and 24x36.


Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

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