Brighid - Poster Print


Brighid - Poster Print

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I am She
that is the natural
mother of all things,
mistress and governess
of all the elements,
the initial progeny of worlds,
chief of the powers divine,
Queen of all that are in the otherworld,
the principal of them
that dwell above,
manifested alone
and under one form
of all the Gods and Goddesses.
- Lucius Apuleius

And as the seasons begin to shift and turn, and winter slowly gives way to Spring, it became needful to hearken the call of Brighid, and set her to canvas. 

Mistress of the mantle, She personifies the sister or virgin aspect of the Great Goddess. The deities of the Celtic pantheon have never been abstraction or fictions but remain inseparable from daily life. The fires of inspiration, as demonstrated in poetry, and the fires of the home and the forge are seen as identical. There is no separation between the inner and the outer worlds. The tenacity with which the traditions surrounding Brigid have survived, even the saint as the thinly-disguised Goddess, clearly indicates Her importance. (Winter Cymres). One of three sister goddesses, in Ireland she is called the daughter of Dagda, the Red Man of all Knowledge, who had his house at Brugh na Boinne. Dagda is the leader of the Tuatha-de-Danaan, a warrior, master of magic and skilled craftsman. He is the son of the goddess, Danu, and the partner of the Morrigan, the Great Queen and Goddess of battle.

Here, she manifests as the Goddess of healing, of fire, the hearth and of energy. She bestows the gifts of creativity and fertility and is said to lean over every cradle. She is poised in Her sovereignty and carries the protection of her isles and the sea.

This listing is for one matte borderless poster print, printed on heavy poster stock. Available in the following sizes 11x17, 16x20, 18x24, and 24x36.


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