Apres Coniunctio - Poster Print

Apres Coniunctio - Goddess of the Moon.jpg
Apres Coniunctio - Goddess of the Moon.jpg

Apres Coniunctio - Poster Print

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Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Alchemical white queen. Bride of the Sun. 

In this rendition, she is being birthed from the mire of her own chaos. The sun rises above her in east as she rises from her half-sleep. enshrouded in mists and clouds. This representation can be seen as the awakening of coniunctio, an alchemical fundamental: the union of body and spirit.

-Sol and Luna most frequently symbolize consciousness and the unconscious, respectively

-Fiery Sol, the Sun, whose corresponding metal is gold (or sulphur), is the source of warmth and light (gold was often called "the sun in the earth"). -Watery Luna, the Moon, whose corresponding metal is silver (or salt), is dark and cold (water and spirit are often identical; water also holds death-rebirth symbolism).These colors and properties are themetically and hermetically represented in this work.

-Sol and Luna are equivalent to the Yang (positive, male, assertive) and the Yin (negative, female, receptive) in Taoist philosophy, whose reciprocity is the reason for all events of the universe

-Sometimes the coniunctio is seen as the union of sacred incest, omnipresent in world mythologies: as fiery gold, Sol is the result of the alchemical transmutation, and as watery Prima Materia, the spiritus aqua, Luna is its origin. This makes Luna the mother of Sol

Hidden images are incorporated for the viewer to discover on her own. The original print was created at an astrologically favorable time with the Moon exalted in Cancer, and the Sun in Aries, with magickally appropriate aspects. The art works as a talisman to incorporate harmonious sun/moon energies to awaken the dormant divine feminine within you. 

It is, in and of itself, a unique and one of a kind work of art which will delight and inspire you for years to come. 

This listing is for one matte borderless poster print, printed on heavy poster stock. Available in the following sizes 11x17, 16x20, 18x24, and 24x36.


Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

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