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The Language of Birds - Poster Print

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"What unsuspected marvels we should find, if we knew how to dissect words, to strip them of their barks and liberate the spirit, the divine light, which is within." - Fulcanelli

The Language of Birds, referenced in various alchemical and mythological texts, is not as much an actual 'language' as it is a cabbalistic term which has been used over time to convey an occultic transference between that which is above to that which is below. It has been referenced as a mystical language, the language of the Gods and even 'Green Language", but rather than having a specific, intrinsic textual meaning, is more an idea of esoteric thought, a catalyst of form which spans diverse religions, and something of an enigma all its own.
As regards the language of Birds, and perhaps the truth within the truth within it, luminous obscurity is the order of the day. It is not subject to any specific mindset, belief, school of thought or dogma. There are only cryptic references and subtle nudgings in its general direction. Its closest approximation would be a 'no-language language' in which what is never said is implicitly understood. It is a paradigm of thought which draws the student into an awareness of the conscious manifestation of concept and esoteric comprehension without the sometimes limiting boundaries of language itself.

Green Language and The Language of Birds

Intentional obscurity is common in matters of the Occult (which simply means 'hidden'. Jesus often instructed his disciples in parables, and the apostles were considered to be 'Stewards of the Mysteries'. In esoteric teaching, it is common to obscure the true meaning of a lesson within a subtle context for both practical purposes (such as sentence of death to adherents) or resourceful ones (to train the novitiate to look deeper still). With a specific regard to Fulcanelli in his 'Mysteries of the Cathedrals', he referred to all of the initiates as speaking in 'cant', and after a closer inspection it becomes clear that the medium, rather than the message, was the message.

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