She Who Is Journal (and a Secret Gift)

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She Who Is Journal.png

She Who Is Journal (and a Secret Gift)



Thick, luscious, blank-paged. Spiral bound so that it all lies flat when you're composing love notes to the moon, or penning enchantments in violet ink. 

I love magical journals and own more than I should admit - leather bound, handmade papers, hand-tooled, stone-embedded - but these are my constant go-tos. I searched extensively to find them for my own use (I need soft paper, abhor lines and ruled things), and started having them printed with my art to represent the secrets I wanted them to hold. 

And then I thought, yes. 

Let's share these.

And because journals are our secret keepers, each one comes with a something-something tucked within from me. It might be a love note, or an altar print, a blessing card or an exclusive one-off from the tarot I am creating. 


80 sheets, spiral-bound on blank, unlined paper.

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