RESERVED: Limited Edition - Ascent of the White Queen #7 of 10


RESERVED: Limited Edition - Ascent of the White Queen #7 of 10


Custom order for Ascent of the White Queen, #7 of 10, reserved exclusively for Cherize Theron (IG)

A 30X40 limited edition run of ten canvas giclees, hand-painted and embellished with inks, oils and gold leaf. Please do not order unless you are the intended recipient - all other orders will be canceled.

Essence of moonlight, femininity and sensual fire. This is she who mesmerizes and dances her siren song for the moon to spill her secrets. In the crepuscular hours of twilight, her luminous movement falls upon the earth as a numinous veil in the form of moonlight. She is the feminine element in alchemy, where during incubation, she serves as one of the two principles within the materia prima. In this incarnations, she awaits, but has not yet been united in the fire of love.

Let the love of the full moon complete the work of your vessel.

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Original Canvas Giclees are one-of-a-kind works of art that are thoroughly painted and embellished, leaving no part of the printed image untouched.  Limited to 100 per title work, with a creation limit of no more than three in progress at a time. 

Serendipity: If you are reading this, then one is available - right now - for you.

Commission is seamless: You select which artwork you want to begin with (starting here to find the name of the work). Once you have made your choice, select the size you are interested in purchasing. As soon as you add it to your cart, a window will appear prompting you for the name of the work - enter it there. And then we begin.

Each giclee is created at the moment it is ordered. It must be printed, mounted and painted, foiled, glazed and finally sealed. It is then cataloged by number, with the owners name, which may be validated for valuation and resale purposes.

It is an artistic process, created exclusively for you, so please keep this in mind when ordering.  Allow up to three months for completion, depending on the size of the canvas.