Demeter Hanging the Lights of WInter

shewhoisart demeter hanging the lights of winter.jpeg

Demeter, Mother of Persephone and the Goddess of Harvest, is patron Goddess of the Amphictyonic League, which was associated with the temple of Delphi, famous for the Oracle there. Oracular visions, prophecy and mediumship are traditionally associated with her, as well as her renown for founding the Eleusinian Mysteries. These were sacred events held every five years and important for many centuries;Yet, little is known about them as those attending were sworn to secrecy. It is thought that the central tenet around which the Mysteries revolved was that just like grain returns every spring after its harvest and the winter lull, so does the human soul after the death of the body, reincarnated in a next life.

In my channeling of her, the energies spoke of the winter lights, representing the sacred mysteries given unto the earth. The lights represent the seeds of soul, both of plants slumbering in the arms of winter, and consciousness, also slumbering and waiting for awakening.

This representation portrays her tending these lights of winter, held aloft with the divine assistance of Hecate and Psyche, watching over those sleeping spirits, and marks the hope in the return of her daughter, as well as the promise that even in darkness, light remains. .


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