The influence of so many things. The confluence.

Belladonna was created during many violet hour sittings, amid recitations of T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland", between sips of absinthe and mental wanderings and mournings. She peeked at me through the glass of dusk, beckoning a face and faith to call her own. She murmured her place in history and myth. "I was there beside Ophelia, her hands clutched my flowers. And even Lilith knows my name."

And then, exhaling,

"I have always been so completely misunderstood."

Every time I doubted my ability, she was there. Every morning tear, every attempt at reclamation and redemption, every moment lost to regret or lament. She became visage, a visitation, always cloaked in purple, always breathing a quiet but heavy sigh. Always looking away.

It took the completion of her portrait, and meditation upon it to realize that she was not the impetus or the wayward melancholic, but the decrier of things that were never lost at all. 

She is mystery and magic, both. And she waits in the wings for you to find you.

Hidden images are incorporated for the viewer to discover on her own. The original print was created at an astrologically favorable time with magickally appropriate aspects. The art works as a talisman to incorporate her shadow soul energies to awaken the dormant divine feminine within you. 

It is, in and of itself, a unique and one of a kind work of art which will delight and inspire you for years to come. 

Available in the following formats: Posters - Prints - Greeting Cards