LUNA 2018 - Moon Phase Calendar 4X6 Art Card

Luna 2018 11X17 Lunar Calendar Poster.jpg
Luna 2018 11X17 Lunar Calendar Poster.jpg

LUNA 2018 - Moon Phase Calendar 4X6 Art Card

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Luna is Mother, Luna is wisdom. She is sister, confidante, eternal keeper of secrets. Wishgranter. Wayshower. The maiden of dreams. 

Every year, I create a calendar to keep track of the new and full moons of each month, as totem for gratitude, as reminder for manifestation lists (when to create and when to burn), as emblematic that we are more aligned with telling time by the phases of the moon than by scrying numbers on a wall. 

I've been aligned with the moon since I was a girl, and I'll often start feeling my body lean into gratitude towards the close of one cycle (waning) -- contemplating all that went right in the month, preparing to release all that didn't -- before I'm ever conscious of where the moon is. 

Moon wisdom keeps us in the mindset that we are cyclical. That things circle around and back again, just as in a year of seasons, and that there are the same times every moon for planting, for sowing, for resting. So too our monthly cycles. As above, so below.

Place them on your altar, paste it in your journal. Post it on your pod. You can also adhere it to a generously sized candle, and voila! Monthly Moon Manifestation Magic. 

Live by and love the sweet moon.

She is your Mother.

(And your friend)